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Nicole Shedden

Nicole Shedden

Nicole Shedden: Marketing Strategist at Corporate United
As a marketing strategist for Corporate United, Nicole's goal is to get the word out about group purchasing organizations – CU in particular. Since GPOs free up time, money and resources for indirect procurement teams, she focuses most of her blogging on those three elements. Nicole has been marketing to a procurement audience for nearly a decade; prior to that, she worked in sales and marketing consulting.

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The Need for Inter-Departmental Relationships and Collaboration

Scratching your head about how to improve your interdepartmental relationships? We went straight to the source.

9 Reasons Suppliers Aren’t Participating in Your RFP

For a procurement professional who’s perpetually overstretched, conducting a request for proposal (RFP) guarantees one t...

Benefits of a Modern Group Purchasing Organization vs. a Traditional GPO

At the core, a traditional GPO provides value through three main elements: money, time and resources.

How Does a GPO Work?

A recent study by The Hackett Group defines a group purchasing organization (GPO) as “an entity that is created to lever...

Is a GPO Right for Me?

Group purchasing organizations (GPOs) come in many shapes and sizes. Before determining what kind of GPO would best fit ...

What Is a Group Purchasing Organization (GPO)?

To manage overhead costs associated with running the business, companies will often hire employees dedicated to ensuring...

What Kind of GPO Is Right for Me?

After you’ve come to the decision to achieve savings in your indirect procurement categories by working with a group pur...

How Procurement Can Work with Challenging Internal Customers

Having internal customers is hard enough as it is; alleviate unnecessary stress by speaking their language.

A Short Lesson in Negotiation – “Why Do I Want What I’m Asking For?”

We all want what we want for a reason. But do we really consider that reason during negotiations?

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