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Tim Holland

Tim Holland

Tim Holland: Senior Director - Human Resources Solutions at Corporate United
As a member of the Corporate United's Category Management Team, Tim works with our members, and prospective members, in sharing the value of our contingent workforce programs , helping them to evaluate their needs and challenges, and consults with them to choose the right solutions for their unique needs. Tim offers the CU membership expert guidance resultant of his background as a long time, former executive in the staffing industry. Tim is responsible for our numerous programs in contingent workforce including staffing, 1099 and Payroll Management, Managed Services Providers, and our Vendor Management supplier.

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Enhanced CWS Programs Bring More Value to Members

With growing interest and participation in Contingent Workforce Solutions (CWS) offerings we’re excited to highlight how...

The Rise of the “Mid-Market” Managed Services Providers (MSP)

Almost 40% of the world’s workforce is considered non-employee. But in the recent past, managed service providers (MSP) ...

Contingent Workforce Management is Changing – Are You Ready?

Managing your contingent workforce is not simply a matter of adjusting your old practices, but truly fostering a paradig...

State Governments Joining the "Misclassification of Employees" Game

With misclassification fines as one of the fastest growing revenue sources for the Federal Government, the Feds are now ...

Understanding the IQNdex – Trends and Impact

As temporary labor evolves into a major part of the overall workforce, it’s critical for organizations to understand cur...

Managing Contingent Worker Risk with a Next Generation VMS

The contingent workforce is rapidly growing and as a result, companies are changing the way they manage these critical n...

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