Contingent Workforce Management is Changing – Are You Ready?

Find out why shifting your current contingent workforce practices might not be enough to ensure successful program management.


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Managing your contingent workforce is not simply a matter of adjusting your old practices, but truly fostering a paradigm shift in the way you are handling non-employee labor.

As CPO Rising alludes to in their article “Six Things That Will Derail Your Contingent Workforce in 2017,” independent contractor compliance (ICC), technological advancements (VMS and others), and the focus on multiple qualitative and quantitative measures of success make a program best in class. World-class companies are also realizing the value of sourcing and human resources working in tandem.


CU’s Perspective on CWS

At Corporate United, we have been helping our members achieve this paradigm shift in managing their contingent workforce. This means creating value beyond cost-savings, including an exclusive “stat-plus” payrolling model.

Learn more about all of our CWS programs, including vendor management systems (VMS), independent contractor compliance (ICC) and managed service providers and then contact us to get started.

Tim Holland: Senior Director - Human Resources Solutions at Corporate United
As a member of the Corporate United's Category Management Team, Tim works with our members, and prospective members, in sharing the value of our contingent workforce programs , helping them to evaluate their needs and challenges, and consults with them to choose the right solutions for their unique needs. Tim offers the CU membership expert guidance resultant of his background as a long time, former executive in the staffing industry. Tim is responsible for our numerous programs in contingent workforce including staffing, 1099 and Payroll Management, Managed Services Providers, and our Vendor Management supplier.