CU @ The Top: Yammel Sanchez, Global Director of Johnson Controls

CU at The Top: Yammel Sanchez

Welcome to CU @ The Top, where we tap into the expertise of our most prominent member organizations.

Armed with our most burning procurement questions, we approach top tier professionals for answers.

In this first iteration of CU @ The Top, the Global Director at Johnson Controls, Yammel Sanchez, was gracious enough to be our guest and provided us with a great deal of valuable insight.

On managing talent:

Our members expressed that they struggle with winning support of internal stakeholders. When asked about talent management and its relation to earning company-wide buy-in, Yammel made it clear that investing in employee growth is key.

“For me, it is as important to find the right talent as it is the leadership and mentoring to develop, engage and retain it. I believe that at Johnson Controls, and in our procurement area, we are surrounded by talented individuals. The challenge is to retain them by providing the right tools, guidance and opportunities for their growth.”

On reporting to executives:

Many procurement departments face struggles due to credibility gaps caused by failures to accurately report on savings and implementations. Yammel maintained that transparency is key to avoiding this problem.

“We must base our reporting and decisions based on data and not anecdotes. We are moving forward from the disconnect that existed until recent years between procurement and the upper management by providing information that shows how our contribution impacts their P&L and the bottom-line of the business.”

On driving innovation:

Member feedback has indicated that procurement departments are being asked to participate more directly in the growth and innovation of their organizations. We asked Yammel how this was affecting her department.

“For several years now, procurement has been teaming with different areas in the organization to drive innovation…our suppliers are very familiar with all these initiatives…we touch base with them on a regular basis (QBR’s) to review the progress in all these different areas and the contribution that they are making to our corporation.”

On marketing procurement:

When you think of procurement, you may not think of marketing or the need to establish a brand, but we’ve found that this is an essential part of obtaining buy-in. We asked Yammel how she markets her department.

“We have been able to prove that we bring value added by providing expertise, governance and mitigating risk on top of bringing hard savings and continuity to the business. Working with our internal customers as a team, learning how to listen to their needs, and translating them into the procurement language have been key for this success.”

Thank you Yammel for being so gracious and for providing such quality responses.

To hear more on these topics, join us as we continue our CU Tour Achieve Tour in Milwaukee featuring guest speaker Reginald Layton, Johnson Controls Diversity Business Development Director and Keith Wandell, CEO of Harley Davidson.

Please keep a look out for our next iteration of CU @ The Top, where we will pick the brain of another procurement dynamo.

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