GPOs & Travel: Definitions and Trends [Video]

Listen in while I visit the GBTA broadcast studio to discuss the value of a GPO when it comes to travel programs.


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Questions about what a group purchasing organization (GPO) is, or what it has to do with emerging travel categories?

Watch the latest video from GBTA 2017 where I sat down to discuss the value of a GPO, where it fits with travel categories and the relationship between procurement and travel teams.

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Katie Virtue: Director, Category Management, Travel at Corporate United
As part of Category Management Team, Katie Virtue is focused on carrying out Category Lifecycle Management efforts across CU’s indirect spend offerings. She oversees the Travel vertical, including Car Rental, Travel Management, Meetings & Events Management and Corporate Housing Solutions. Katie works with members to evaluate CU’s offerings and to bring them a unique experience while collaborating with suppliers to achieve mutual partnership goals. She previously worked in the consulting industry focused on business continuity projects.