Move IT: The Case for Moving to Third-Party Maintenance Providers

Stack your buying power where it counts to gain a winning verdict with your IT hardware maintenance


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Year over year procurement is challenged to cut, cut and cut more spend. Reducing spend becomes increasingly difficult after you have squeezed as much as you can out of your current programs and contracts.

One area that has traditionally gone unmanaged is IT hardware maintenance. Many organizations have been in the same legacy hardware maintenance lifecycle with their original equipment manufacturers (OEM) without realizing that other options may exist. We’ve found that by switching to a third-party maintenance (TPM) provider procurement can reduce costs by 50%.

Recently, Accenture released an article highlighting four opportunities to reduce maintenance costs by using TPM over OEM support agreements. I think these tips can be immediately applied to your hardware maintenance lifecycle strategy. Read the full article here.


Working with a TPM provider in conjunction with a modern GPO can create even more robust savings opportunities. Our IT Hardware Support program with partner Curvature leverages our collective membership’s buying power to create immediate savings. In addition, this program includes free inventory assessments to improve your cost management over time. Learn more about the program and how you can find additional savings today.

Ben Hatch: Category Manager, IT/Telecom at Corporate United
Ben is responsible for Category Management within the IT/Telecom vertical at Corporate United. In this role, he serves as the category manager for Multi-function Devices, Conferencing, IT Hardware Support, and Telecom Consulting. He works cross-functionally with stakeholders and suppliers to provide program support, provides ongoing support to Corporate United supplier relationships and ensures value is provided within the category to members and suppliers alike.