Protect your Building Investment from the Ground-Level, Up: Flooring Maintenance Timeline

Avoid expensive flooring damage repair with the proper preventative maintenance calendar


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All day the workers in your facility are on your floor, working on it, stepping on it, running machines on it, storing equipment and inventory on it, possibly driving necessary vehicles across it. With all of this heavy use, it can be easy to overlook, and dangerous to ignore, necessary precautions.

This raises the question, are you maintaining your vital flooring investment with preventative measures? Improperly maintained flooring is not only an eyesore, but can also become a safety risk. Improper maintenance can lead to expensive emergency repairs, and even more expensive facility downtime.


Preventative Maintenance Works for You

Proper preventative maintenance will accomplish more than avoidance of unplanned costs. Preventative maintenance on flooring investments will also impact vital elements such as:

  • Increase the longevity of your investment
  • Mitigate hazardous risks caused from flooring damage
  • Increase the overall aesthetic value
  • Increase uptime profits and productivity
  • Save you money on costly repairs


Ready to Protect your Investment from top to bottom?

Start protecting your facility’s flooring by ensuring all facility managers have a copy of the proper maintenance calendar and are following these monthly preventative measures. Alert them to align their calendar to reflect maintenance measures that will impact worker safety and productivity. In addition, find out if they have been working in accordance with these preventative best practices or if you are due for a flooring assessment from CU partner QuestMark, to gauge what steps you need to take in order to reap the benefits of a properly maintained floor.

Matt Narens: Manager, Category Development at Corporate United
In his role at Corporate United Matt works with both CU members and supplier partners to ensure that the programs he manages are delivering maximum value. This includes everything from commercializing new offerings to conducting category lifecycle and supplier relationship management. His efforts are focused on minimizing the administrative burden and reducing the total cost of ownership related to indirect spend for Corporate United members. They also include aligning strategies with Corporate United’s supplier partners in order to best meet the needs of the market.