Top 5 Signs You Should Consider a Managed Service Provider

The challenge about managing a nonpermanent workforce is it’s highly complex and the landscape is always changing.


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It’s not a secret that there is an abundance of new workforce regulations, and an ever-increasing demand to drive more efficiencies. Procurement and Human Resources professionals know, all too well, this is rewarding but it’s also demanding. Below are the top 5 signs you should consider streamlining your program.

Top 5 Signs You Should Consider An MSP Infographic

Did you answer “yes” to any of these? Then it is probably time to consider an MSP that can help you strategically streamline your program for ultimate efficiency while optimizing your contingent workforce management.


Read the full article from Populus Group. Available through Corporate United, an OMNIA Partner, Populus Group shares how leveraging an MSP partner can help you find the right balance of getting access to quality candidates with valuable reporting, while also finding cost savings and improving processes. Through a GPO members can find a solution to meet ever-growing demand and save money.

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