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Designing a New Breed of Procurement Professional – Part 2

So what else does it take to be part of the new breed of procurement talent? In part one of “Designing a New Breed of Pr...

Designing a New Breed of Procurement Professional - Part 1

Filling today’s advanced procurement roles is a much greater challenge than many expect. Whether a procurement departmen...

The Biggest Challenges Facing Procurement Teams This Year

Dustin Cochran is the Director of Member Development for Corporate United and was recently named a 2017 Pro to Know by S...

How to Find the Right Procurement Talent

Great news: you’ve just been given the okay to add a new hire to your team! But when you start to think about how long i...

"Procuremetrics"- Eight Essential Procurement Skill Sets [Part 2]

Ensure your success by developing these eight must-have skills.

"Procuremetrics"- Eight Essential Procurement Skill Sets [Part 1]

What makes a procurement professional successful?

Six Skill-Set Essentials for Successful Strategic Category Management

The components of strategic category management (SCM). Do your people in the workforce have these skills?

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