Why Promoting Internal Alignment Is So Important for Procurement Today

As teams look to drive value beyond traditional cost savings, aligning with broader business strategy becomes a key focus.


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As a procurement leader, you’re well aware of how procurement’s role is evolving within the organization. You’ve probably been involved in discussions with your team on how to adapt to changing expectations while overcoming these common procurement challenges.

With a greater focus on procurement as a strategic business function, teams are looking at ways to impact three strategic pillars that most organizations have a central focus on:

  • Revenue Generation
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Talent Retention

In a recent article for Spend Matters, Corporate United’s Dustin Cochran explains that procurement is already aligned with these pillars and have the opportunity to drive value through that alignment. “However, what I think that procurement professionals should focus on is better promoting how they align with these areas,” he shares. Read the full article, 3 Ways For Procurement to Prove Its Value (Other Than Cost Savings!) to learn more about how procurement inherently aligns with the three strategic pillars mentioned above and find tips for how teams can better promote this alignment internally.

Ara Arslanian: SVP, Commercial Operations at Corporate United
As SVP of Commercial Operations at Corporate United, Ara Arslanian is responsible for the strategic oversight of the company’s portfolio of contracts and corporate business development. His efforts have shaped the concept of the modern GPO.